About Humanist Action

Humanist Action is a blog created by author Autumn Reinhardt-Simpson as a vehicle to encourage humanists to act out a positive humanist philosophy in the larger world, particularly in the areas of reproductive justice and women’s equality.


2 thoughts on “About Humanist Action

  1. Hi Autumn. I have added your blog to my favorites. I was pleased you featured an interview with Ian Bushfield our ED here in BC. How is your book coming. I am laboring to start writing as the contents are evolving. My work at Kwantlen is going well, where we started a Secular Student Alliance club. We have some very vocal and intelligent members. Just saying hello.


    1. Oops! I thought I had replied to this ages ago, I’m sorry! Thanks so much for adding my blog to your favorites list. That’s quite an honor! Things are going well for me too. I’m spending just about all of my time working on the book which suits me just fine 😉 Congratulations on the SSA! That’s great!


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