Edmonton Humanists Are KILLING It


Edmonton Humanists had our first meeting on June 19th and we’re already off to a roaring start. We talked a bit about what we wanted from this group (more family events, female-friendly, racially diverse, etc.) and, best of all, we’ve already scored ourselves a great service opportunity! As readers know, I make post-abortion care packages for patients that I serve through the Alberta Access Network. One of the Edmonton Humanists showed up with a huge load of donated items for the care packages and we decided that we had enough to start offering them directly to our local clinic! We’re really stoked and so is the intake counselor to whom we offered them. This project ties directly into our desire to be useful in the community, especially when it comes to issues effecting women.

Tea, blankets, chocolate, soup, and other goodies for the patients!

But those packages will have to wait. I’m still plugging away at the Humanist Celebrant Handbook which is due to Humanist Press on July 15th. Seriously though, this has been an amazing process. I didn’t want to rely simply on my own experience of being a celebrant so I interviewed a number of others. Some wrote short passages about their experiences or offered tips. All of them were incredibly helpful and I think the book will be all the better for the diversity of voices.

But even that isn’t enough, it seems. I am already working on an article for thehumanist.com about female personhood and the UN Declaration of Human Rights and I’ve begun the process of applying for Ethical Culture Leadership training. Did I mention that I also start my doctoral program next month?


And yet, this is all great news for me. I’m so excited that things are happening for the Canadian nontheistic community and that I get to be a part of it. I expect great things from Edmonton Humanists as we move along as well as from the wider humanist world.

*Stay tuned for more information about upcoming Edmonton Humanists meetings and events!



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