Let’s Get Revolutionary

usa_corporate_flag_by_frankoko-d4zufbyI read today that Ken Cuccinelli has been nominated to the supreme Court of Virginia, the state in which I last lived and the place I call my adopted home. Immediately after reading about it, I began to receive Facebook invitations to head to the legislative building to “let them know what we think”.

Here’s what I think.

I think we are insane to believe that our decaying sham of a democracy cares what we think. I think we are wasting our breath and our best slogans on the dead dream that America will pull through for us. I think we are absolutely out of our minds to expect justice to be handed to us if we ask loudly enough. I think that corporate America will continue to crown its own. I think that we get nothing that we can’t take for ourselves. I think the only option left for us is the streets.

See you there?



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