James Croft Lives His Values Proudly…And Gets a Surprising Response!

I was over the moon yesterday when I saw this post on my friend, James’, Facebook page. James is a leader in training with the Ethical Society of St. Louis and a man who has definitely put a lot of thought into how to respectfully speak up.

Earlier this week, James was checking out a social media site he frequents when he ran across a message from a potential date. He went to view the man’s profile and found it contained some negative and marginalizing language and told the man that they would perhaps not be very compatible based on that. Read the whole sequence to see what happens! 11220826_10153628457223459_8163410186039254083_n12003980_10153628457273459_8010056456866953011_n12036786_10153628457293459_1967535207910178946_n12079639_10153628457328459_2226026449140165546_n12036785_10153628457353459_1871758906776456548_n


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