The Resurrection

I abandoned not long ago as I was working through some difficult questions. One of those questions was, “What place is there for a feminist theologian who is as equally suspicious of the atheist/humanist movement as she is of traditional religion?” After a lot of thought I have come to the conclusion that there … More The Resurrection

Picking Sides

Our whole world is feeling pretty imperfect now, isn’t it? You know what else is imperfect? Our responses. Because we’re human, some of us respond with anger, others with compassion, some with humor, but most of us respond with a confusing mixture of things we can’t even begin to name. Sometimes we think that we … More Picking Sides


Please feel free to join us for the Edmonton Humanist Society’s Humanitea. This is our inaugural meeting where we’ll just be having fun and sharing our hopes and goals for this new group. All nontheists are welcome, whether religious or secular!

A Response to Declaration For A Secular Public Service

Atheist Freethinkers, a Montreal-based Canadian atheist group, has recently released a Declaration for a Secular Public Service on their website which they are asking atheist/humanist/secularist organizations to sign. So far, Humanist Canada has been the only other signatory and let’s hope it stays that way. The declaration calls for a blanket ban on public servants wearing any … More A Response to Declaration For A Secular Public Service

Our Foundations of Reproductive Justice – A Humanist Sermon

I had the honor of giving the sermon at Westwood Unitarian Church on November 1st where I spoke about the Unitarian roots of reproductive justice. They are strong indeed! You can hear it here. *NOTE* I stumbled a bit when talking about anti choice legislation back home in the US. I referred to it as legislation in … More Our Foundations of Reproductive Justice – A Humanist Sermon